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Between The Trees – The Way She Feels lyrics

She's upset
Bad day
Heads for the dresser drawer

To drive her pain away.
Nothing good can come of this.

She opens it,
There's nothing there
There is only left over tears.
Mom and dad had no right, she screams
The anger runs down both of her cheeks

Then she closed her eyes
And found relief in a knife
The blood flows as she cries

All alone the way she feels
Left alone to deal with all the pain-drenched sorrow relief
Bite the lip just forget the bleeding.

Then she closed her eyes
And found relief in a knife
The blood flows as she cries
Wooah oh
Then she closed her eyes
And found relief in a knife
The blood flows as she cries.

Curled up,
She's on the floor.
The relief left her...
She had hoped for something more
From it
Hoped for something more
From it
And He leans down to comfort her
She is weeping
And He
Wraps His arms around
And around and around and...
The deeper you cut,
The deeper I hurt
The deeper you cut,
It only gets worse
The deeper you cut,
The deeper I hurt
The deeper you cut,
It only gets worse
Gets worse.

Now she's slowly opening...
She's slowly opening
New eyes...

Then she opened her eyes
And found relief in His life.
And put down her knives
Wooah oh
Then she opened her life
And found relief through His eyes
And put down
She put down,
Her life.

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Submitted byVetal
Corrected byoranggirl18

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  • x
    Ok so this song is about a girl who's very upset and decides to find relief through cutting herself and at the end of the song, the relief escaped her and she's still sad and in the video there's two girls and they're both cutting and they'd probably both lost a parent because there was a funeral thing. The brunette's dad finds out and he goes to her school and she's in the bathroom and he wraps his arms around her telling everything's ok and the blonde rushes to a grave that must've been her dad or something and puts her razorblade on his grave because she knows he wouldn't want her to find relief this way. It's a very touching song and I think everyone should read To Write Love On Her Arms. It changed me and my best friend's life :)
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  • l
    It's not about an upset teenager.
    It's a song written about Renee Yohe.
    Infact, I think pretty much all of Between The Trees' album is about Renee and what she went through.
    In the video, the brunette is supposed to be Renee, and the blonde, I'm not sure of.
    Twloha is a campaign(?) trying to help those suffering with depression & self-injury. It is not a 24-hour helpline.
    Twloha began with one broken girl, one painful night; addiction, depression, cutting. This is a glimpse at the five days that followed, a decision to love and to begin telling her true story.
    It's basically about getting help, and there are people out there that truly care, you just need to find the right people.
    I think it's Renee Yohe at 1: 08?
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  • u
    Your all spot on! But if I can I would love to point out the lyric "he leans down to comfort her, she's wheezing and he wraps his arms around" and also "found relief in his eyes"
    Now I don't know if this is how it's wrote in the album case, but if the lyrics are typed right, the "h" is a capitol on "he" and "his" intentionally, referring to them as proper nouns. Theologically that refers to jesus christ or.
    For me, I found relief in his life, in jesus christ, and I strongly belive that's the message here and where true freedom from pain lies!
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  • u
    Me, tighter than I ever had been by anyone. She looked me in the eyes and kissed me, and I just tore apart haha for probaly next 3 or 4 hours she was there for me only, held my hand and anything you want to believe is sweet. For the record we were just normal friends id talk to her now and again, but nothing that even would hint at any of this. I purposely had my head down and was shy b/c I had to be, but I guess she knew something I know now too, life is precious. She stayed with me the probaly next 3 weeks I was facilitated, and even stayed a few nights in a seperate room for family. Today we still talk, never dated, only kissed maybe a few times and never outside that time. I am newly married to my amazing wife of 3 weeks; p (also a huge influence to me, we met in high school as freshmen and dated 8 happy years) and my friend and I talk on a daily basis, I may as well say I owe my life to her. Suicide is not the answer, live, love, experience! Pass this story on, it may just show somebody the way back.
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  • u
    This is a song obviously about self inflicted wounds, cutting and relief from the supposed horror of the world cured through love. This song is basically the story of my life, at age 13 I had begun experiencing trauma mostly from several family members passing away, a close friend being suicidal, another parasuicidal, and the usual dose of drama. I had considered suicide, via stabbing (symbolically), and to prep myself I turned to cutting. It hurt me walking into school having deep gases and scars and just leaving it. This went on for a year or two before I was hospitalised with a severed vein from cutting. A day into being there a friend of mine who I had known came to visit a she told me, "matt" (not my name) I'm not going to ask why? , but instead I want to say are you ok b/c I don't care about your condition, I just want you to know youre not alone. Silence. I was speechless then teared, she really broke me right there, I can't explain it, but I had a revelation. Next thing I know I had her arms around.
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