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Bette Midler – Summer lyrics

It was a hot afternoon
The last day of june,
And the sun was a demon.
The clouds were afraid.
One ten in the shade,
And the pavement was steamin'.

I told billy ray
In his red chevrolet
I needed time for some thinkin'.
He was just passing by
When I caught that boy's eye,
And I swore it was winkin'.

I was thirty-one,
He was seventeen.
He knew nothing about love.
I knew everything.
But he sat right down
On the front porch swing,
And I wondered what the
Coming night would bring.

Sun closed my eyes,
Climbed to the skies.
It was starting to swelter.
The sweat trickled down
The front of my gown.
I thought it would melt me.

I threw back my hair
Like he wasn't there
And I sipped, oooh, something coolin'.
My shoulders bare,
He tried not to stare,
Whoa, but I knew I wasn't foolin'.

I looked deep into those eyes of blue,
I said, "boy, I know you're young,
Don't know what to say or do.
But stay with me 'til the sun goes away
And I will chase the boy in you away! "

Guess you know why
That kid caught my eyes,
Oooh, and why the memory still lingers.
Go back in my mind
To the very first time,
Ooh-ooh-ooh, I felt the touch of somebody's fingers.
I go back in my mind
To the very first time
Oh, I felt the touch of somebody's fingers.
And go, go back in my mind
To the very first time I felt. ..

I go back in my mind
To the very first time
I felt the touch
Of somebody's fingers.
The first time.
The first time.

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