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Beauty's Confusion – The Wrong Way lyrics

Don't take this the wrong way
But you will never get
The satisfaction you desire
This is not a punishment
It's just a simple fact
When you try to find your happiness
In someone who can't give it back

You'll get burned
And after one time
Most would just say lesson learned
But you keep
Holding on
Hope you'll break him down
But you're the one who's breaking now

Don't be so naive
Don't be so naive
It was only a dream
How could you ever believe
It was real

Do you still believe in fairy tales, too
Oh but don't take this the wrong way

I'm not trying to put you down
You've been doing that well on your own
Living by the modern martyr's philosophy
If you can't get love, get sympathy yeah
Honestly, do you really need
Somebody to put you on your knees
You can take the fall
But you're afraid to walk again
Or will you break if you bend

Don't be so naive
Don't be so naive
It was only a dream
How could you ever believe it
Don't be so naive
Don't be so naive
It was just make-believe
Stop deceiving yourself
And grow up, grow up

I am not impossible
And you are not a dream
Nothing can compare
To getting high on self-esteem
Maybe I'll be your regret
But you will not be my mistake
You are just a lesson
I refuse to learn until I

Walk away, walk away, walk away

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