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Barenaked Ladies – Mcdonald's Girl lyrics

I leave from softball practice every night
It's getting dark, but the "golden arches" light up the way
I turn the corner at the traffic light
I count my money and then I rehearse what I'm going to say

"i'd like an order of fries, a quarter-pounder with cheese,
I love the light in your eyes, will you go out with me please? "

I am in love with a mcdonalds girl
She has a smile of innocence so tender and warm
I am in love with a mcdonalds girl
She is an angel in a polyester uniform

She doesn't try to impress anyone
She doesn't act all tough like all the other girls that I know
She don't treat me like a simpleton
She's not ashamed to be the only other virgin I know
When my hamburger's cold, I get up ready to go,
She's only fifteen years old, and I'm in love with her soul

She's got a gold tooth, you know she's hardcore
She'll show you a good time, then she'll show you the door... Boy!


There she stands behind the register
She's taking orders from the saddle river little league
If they knew how much I wanted her
Their home-room teachers would have to send them home for a week

As I head through the door, the movement catches her eye,
My heart begins to soar, she smiles, she waves good-bye, good-bye
Good-bye, good byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Uno, dos, tres, quatro
Big mac, filet o fish, quarter pounder, french fries
Icey coke, thick shakes, sundaes and apple pies
Sing that song of taste
You can only find at one place: mcdonalds


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