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Bahamadia – Biggest Part Of Me lyrics

First verse
Pleasurable acts navigated hearts strings steady with the grace of God
And formed an entity out of puppy love greeted by a choice now body
Employs a bundle of joy journey onto motherhood instantly begins
Precious from conception was this little life within delicate and
Special open arms are welcoming initiative from mommy to secure your
Innocents life centers around you like the rings on saturn you make it
Divine cause you're sweet as saccharin and I'mma shower you wit love
Until infinity as long as I breathe you get the biggest part of me...
Second verse
I service and protect guide and direct share quality time with you and
Never neglect any part of you because I have no regrets will always be
Around even if your daddy jets providing you with confidence to step
Out in the world aware that you could make it cause you have someone
Who cares on stand by with patience and a smile God bare my witness
Cross my heart and hope to die or rest (pause) just in case you
Haven't guessed the essence of my presence to insure you have the best
And I just really hope you understand that for you I'll be everything
I can I'mma shower you with love for infinity as long as I breathe you
Get the biggest part of me...
Third verse
Wonderful addition to the population your every waking moment is my
Inspiration truly I am blessed from on day to the next life line
Connects to a positive effect you've molded all my idol time and gave
It purpose I dedicate the world to you until my final rest cradle to
The grave I'mma always be in debt cause you're my saving grace and
Valuable asset so I'mma shower you with love for infinity as long as I
Breathe you get the biggest part of me. I'mma shower you with love for
Infinity as long as I breathe you get the biggest part of me. For real
As long as I breathe way down deep inside You're the biggest part of

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