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Bachelor Girl – Lucky Me lyrics

I've got an ex-boyfriend who calls me up,
To blame me for his life.
I get bunches of roses, from another guy
And hate mail from his wife.
I date a stupid jerk who forgets my name,
Likes to make love while watching tv.
And some guy calls in the middle of the night,
Just so I can hear him breathe

Lucky me,
Lucky, lucky me
I have everything in this whole wide world,
A girl could ever need, lucky me

I've got a great car,
It's a red convertible, made by mattel.
Got a nice house in the suburbs,
With 'hell's angels' for neighbours as well.
I've got a scholarship for a hundred years of college
I wanna study dentistry,
But my folks just want me married,
And popping out the grand kids,
To keep them company


Lucky, lucky little old me
I have everything in this whole wide world
A girl could ever need, lucky me

(lucky me, lucky me)

I think I wanna join the hare krishnas,
Give up all my worldly goods, cut off all my hair.
There's nothing that I have right now that brings me any joy,
When I'm shopping at the mall, can't find it anywhere.

But I've got my tamagotchi,
And I've got my wristwatch phone.
I got so many friends on the internet,
I could never be alone.
I've got just enough cash to pay a lot of tax,
But not enough to quit my job.
Got a fool's gold ring and credit card debt,
Psychiatrist for my dog.

Lucky me
Lucky, lucky little old me
I have everything in this whole wide world
A girl could ever need, lucky me

Repeats to fade

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