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B L A Z E – Meant To Be lyrics

All the things that I never said spinning round in my aching head
All the things that I meant to do, was it meant to be?
Was a time that I almost died, felt just like a thousand times
I wondered if it was my time, was it meant to be?
As I live within walls and follow their rules
I've taken a path that I just did not choose
I do everything that they expect me to
Have I now even turned my own back on the truth?
All my life I have followed dreams, never cared where they've taken me
Chasing shadows because I believed it was meant to be
There's something that I have now seen makes me question my beliefs
Does the end justify the means, is it meant to be?
I must now make a stand and break out of these walls
I'll make my own rules, I'll chart my own course
They expect me to fall, they expect me to die
But I've stood here before and I'm sick of their lies
Is it meant to be? Is it meant to be?
Is it meant to be?
Now I stand as a man and I don't see their walls
I make my own rules, I chart my own course
No use them expecting me to fall that's not me
I won't let them win, it's just not meant to be
It's just not meant to be
It's just not meant to be
It's just not meant to be
It's just not meant to be

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