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B2krazy – What A Girl Wants lyrics

Yo I don't know what's going on
But I do know 1 thing, you gotta make it right aight
Man what's going on with you
Why you treat her like you do
When you know that girl is all about you
Tell me why you always your head
Should find a better way 2 handle it
If you need stop this you might mess around and lose
(Just tryin' 2 help you)

(What a girl wants) what a girl wants
What a girl needs
What a girl wants what a girl needs
A guy 2 be there for her
(What a girl needs)What a girl needs
What a girl wantswhat a girl needs
What a girl wants Honesty love & a friend

[Verse 2:]
You always coming down on her (Why)
Using all the power (Why)
When you that she'll do anything for you
Tell me Y you always lie to her
And doing things she don't deserve
Man if you don't stop then she'll end up leaving you
(I know what)

You won't know what you've got
Till it's gone and you're left all alone
And she'll reopen up the door and I'll be right there
2 say I told you so
No more you had your chance take a hike
Should've been a man
Now she's gone (now she's gone all b-cuz you were doing wrong)
(Should've listened 2 me)


Yo wassup ladies
I'm Omarion
I'm a scorpio
And I know what girl needs aight
Yo wassup ladies this is J-Boog
And I'm a leo yeah
And I know exactly what it is a girl wants believe that
Yo this Razz
And I'm a gemini
And I know exactly what a girl wants come holla @ me uhhuh
Yoyo Wassup ladies this Lil'Fizz
And I'm a sag
And I know all the things a girl needs ya heard
Aight let's go fellas

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