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Avias – Lasonia lyrics

Aye yo what kind of rapper would I be if all I ever did was write but never
Thank my mama
... not avias da nemesis... dats real

Imma go real hard, so hard on this one
Cause my heart so soft when mamas in it
I call this song lasonia for a real good reason
Stayed in my life strong through a lot of hard seasons
Raised me up to be the best man that she could
Best thing since sliced bread other niggaz no good
Showed us better things in life took us out the hood
Things others hated about me well... she understood
Sometimes I wish I could be all that she want me to be
Wish I give her finer things like houses you see
Cause she deserve the very best and to me means the world
Even if I had a wife she my number one girl
Look in the dictionary see her picture sit to the side
A strong back woman that will work hard always strive
Stood her ground like a man when we stepped out of line
Always wanted us focused never walk through life blind
Sometimes I wish I can turn back the hands of time
Before I was delivered on this earth to drop a few rhymes
Back when her and my dad was still together
No fighting and arguments I wouldve been really clever
But I realize god control all events on earth
So you forgive and forget and keep moving forward
Mom was everything in one kept gifts coming
More than just the regular call her superwoman
Named buzzed in the streets like bees when they humming
Never smoked on the trees cause with us she stayed honest
And I gotta give props like where props due
Always kept food on the table bills not overdue
Cause it's like out with the old and in the with new
We progress to the better like jimmy choo shoes
God recognize struggles knew blessings were coming soon
Taking trips to belize flying hot air balloons
Nah maybe that's too boastful shanigans cartoons
Nah maybe in yall sight cause for my mom wish the world
And you haters make her greater so she make yall toes curl
But honestly I just want to see the best for ol girl
Living life abundant on earth old age in heavens with pearls

I love you mom this one for you muah!

Signature, Avias Da Rap Nemesis fa sho niggaz!

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