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Avenue Q – School For Monsters/ Money Song (reprise) lyrics

Christmas Eve:
How much do we get?

Boy, it's not very much at all, is it?

Never say never, Princeton, there's still
One more person we have to hit up!

Trekkie Monster:
no! No! No! Go away. Me busy.

Christmas Eve:
But it for good cause.

Trekkie Monster:
What in it for me? Go away!

I guess Kate'll never get her school for Monsters.

Trekkie Monster:
What you say?

Kate wants to open a school for Monsters.

Trekkie Monster:
School for Monsters?
Me never hear of that.

School for Monsters!
School for lonely little monsters!
When me little,
Going to school,
Other children
Think me not cool,
Poking and pulling
At me fur...
Now me have therapist,
And work on this with her.
But me no need me therapy
If Monster School a reality!

Me give you $10, 000, 000!

Trekkie! Where did you get all that money??

Trekkie Monster:
In volatile market, only stable investment is porn!

When you help others,
You can't help helping yourself!
When you help others,
You can't help helping yourself!
Every time you
Do good deeds
You're also serving
Your own needs.
When you help others,
You can't
Helping yourself!

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