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Autumn Under Fire – Stuck Home Syndrome lyrics

As the night wanes
I find myself in mortal danger
Hiding away
A simple game of duck-and-cover
Bullets, they fly
Like fireflies in the evening sky
The morning approaches
But the men are badly wounded
"This is the end"
I hear myself say to the ashes
Buildings, they burn
With the sweet smell of citronella
They cry to turn back
But with a sad smile I deny it
Telling them all
That in the end, it'll all be worth it.

Stand your ground
Don't go down
Without a fight.

This house is a war zone
I want to let you know that
I can't go home
I'm coming down with stockholm syndrome
Family tells me I'm wrong
Girlfriend says get a clue
I'm foaming at the mouth, now
I don't know what to tell you.
Can't get out
It just won't end
It's been so damn long
I'm losing my head (I give up! )
My friends are now my enemies
My enemies are out to kill me
I might as well just suck it up
And catch the next plane out to Cali.

The sun is rising now
And we don't know what to do
Bodies strewn all around
Eyes staring us through.
We pack up all the guns
And we know we've won the fight
Stuck it out 'till morning
Barely hung on through the night.
The dust begins to rise
With a glance on ahead
We see the cavalry
And the infantry we dread.
We scramble all around
And we pick back up the guns
We may have won the war
But here comes another one.

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