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August Burns Red – Back Burner lyrics

Convictions to the back burner.
Remembering what's really important isn't so important after all.
Gather all your possessions, and smile because you've got it all.
Still that empty feeling won't go away.
Your puzzle's missing one very essential piece,
And I know you'll keep looking in all the wrong places until it's too late.
Slip on the ice again.
When did you become so cold?
Living for the here and now never made so much sense.
You think you've got all the time in the world, but this could all be ending now.
How far down will you go before it's too late?
Slipping on the ice again, you've become so cold.
Lucky for you rock bottom is in sight.
Your wake up call is set for now,
And the trail you have followed has come all the way to the end.
I hope you survive the crash.

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  • b
    Wow really, just because its a christain band doesn't mean every song has to be about jesus. Seriously theyre allowed to talk about other things to, I'm not necessarily saying its not, I didn't right it, but neither did you, so stop assuming every christain band has to write about jesus personally I think its just about any stupid ignorant person who thinks since they have more than anyone else, theyre better than everyone else, but they don't realise that possesions arent everything, and one day that's gonna hit them.
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  • c
    Well honestly, music is meant to be left for your own understanding and interpretation. Its what you think of when you listen to the song that matters. Just like how you dedicate a song to your girlfriend, when you listen to it, you are more than likely gonna think of her. Or if you look at a painting, no matter what it is, the picture portrayed instills something different in all of us. Whether you came from drugs, s**, or anything for that matter, in the end. Its the impact and message that it leaves you that matters the most and not what anyone else may say it means.
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