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August Burns Red – An American Dream lyrics

Suffocation. Suffocate with no room to breath.
Forgive us for 'now' is too late.
This is not an American dream.
This is no longer an American dream. We're trying to breath underwater.
The few, the proud, no longer sing their song.
One nation under God, it's us against the world.
We've cut the tongue from society, forcing consumption, never hearing "no."
We've brainwashed our children to believe this is destiny.
Spoiled rotten, still counting their 1, 2, 3's.
Forgive us for 'now' is too late.
Forgive us for fueling the flame.
This is not an American dream any longer,
As we've become spoiled, rotten, counting our 1, 2, 3's.
Disease infesting our young, beauty has become the beast.

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    The song is simply about the American Dream and how corrupt it is. The pieces about forcing consumption are talking about how we continually take things, and we never hear that it is enough. We are a greedy society. This certainly isn't anti-Bush or anti-government, abr doesn't dabble in politics, it is about the corrupt morals of our society and thinking that we should always have more. Kids being spoiled rotten, believing this is destiny, it is a critique of our way of life. Also, the breathing underwater is in reference to this not being our true nature, rather a learned one.
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  • i
    Sounds to me like an anti war song. Bush administration, iraq etc. The outcome is no longer an american dream. "the few, the proud, no longer singing their song." even people that were pro war are now against it, remembers me of the mother from that docu fahrenheit 9/11. All the time so proud of her son, with a flag in her frontyard. Until he died overseas and from there on she was against the war. "we are trying to breath underwater" try to do the impossible. Probably americas mission as a self-proclaimed world police to bring peace and democracy to the whole world. "one nation under god, it's us against the world" bush justified his policy in the name of god, fight against the evil in the world. Axis of evil.
    "cut the tounge from society..." censorship. Pretend nothing happened to americans in the middle east and hide the children from what did happen. Overall people are still living a normal life ("counting our 1, 2, 3's") just as if there was no war.
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