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Atreyu – Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor) lyrics

Marching along
Like a good soldier does
I'm setting sail
With anchors
Holding me down
Pack up my bags
Stow them away
I'm bidding farwell
To all that is safe

Will I come up for air?
Come up for air

After a while the current is calling me
Lulling me waving goodbye
I'm out here alone, oh god can you save me now?
Sinking my heart turns to stone

Withering away
A shrinking violet dies
So full of life
These lights have dried me out
Into the sea
Needed a drink
I never thought
This would consume me whole

Will I come up for air?
Come up for air


Save me. Take me home
(over and over again)
Save me. Take me home
(wishing that this all would end) [x2]

[Chorus x2]

Save me. Take me home
(will I come up for air?) [x2]

Save me. Take me home
(over and over again)
Save me. Take me home
(wishing that this all would end)

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Submitted byJAK4never


  • u
    In my honest opinion, songs like these have to have come from a past experience that the writer has gone through. To me, this song sounds like a desperate cry for help that someone goes through from a life of depression, hatred, and loneliness that has consumed someone so much that they're trying to "come up for air. " pretty soon, they feel like there is no more happiness that they feel anymore. They feel all alone in a baron and cold place and their "heart turns to stone," and they say goodbye to their happy life as it drifts away on a "current" to nowhere.
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  • u
    To me the song is about a man who has been in love greatly with a woman, and they have been together for a long time. After they had a child, conflicts between them are increasing. Perhaps the child had, say, cancer and couldn't be saved in the end and died slowly,.
    (withering away, a shrinking violet dies, so full of life) torturous for both parents. The mother blames the man out of grief, hate and rage. A major argument enfolds, and the man leaves her (refer to first verse). His remorse is like a very heavy weight on his shoulders. (I'm setting sail, with anchors holding me down.) he thought he would be fine, but instead, he unknowingly gets involved in all kinds of bad stuff. He regrets all he done to his loved one, and begs to be back with the woman but is hesitant, unsure of his decision (save me, take me home, will I come up for air?). Songs like this are very ambiguous, so anybody could be right or wrong.
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  • m
    To me this song is about creating a personal hell for yourself. Getting into something you know isn't good and yet you do it anyway. And then can't get out. The first verse is a comparison of going off to war and to your personal problem. The second verse is realizing what you've gotten yourself into. Withering away. Means its getting bad. So full of life these lights have drowned me out. Being whole or well or good before you started and reaping the results of your decision. I never thought this would consume me whole. A simple excuse you tell yourself but knowing whats going to happen. The pre-chorus is wondering if your going to make it out. The chorus is realizing how bad it really is and asking god for help. Then realizing that your too far gone. The bridge and is like unto roking back and forth in the fetal position asking for it all to end. Finally the end. Wishing that this, wishing that all this would end. Your personal hell.
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