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Atira-Lumena – Panthers Bill lyrics

A Beautiful Contrast,

Drifting Dynamically
Through Your Mind

The Velvet Touching,

Movement Shaping
Perfectly Timed

Soothing Balm Empowers

Of an Undeniable,

Solitary Kind

The Jaguars Jurisdiction
Self Peaceful Infliction


Could we Divulge,

In this Finely Tuned
Magnificently Made
Emerald Led

Paradoxical Visitor
In the Night of Day
Timed Parade

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Panthers Bill meanings

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    This is about how much more there is to life that we don't always see, just as we are aware of ourselves, others may not be able to visualise us in our truest form. The large cats are I believe are a great balance of what most humans strive to be. Emerald led I refer to, meaning their eyes. Velvet touching, meaning how exquisite their look, how many want to touch them. A beautiful contrast meaning they have an inspiring collective balance of qualities that can appear as many pairs of opposites e. g. Gentle/Strong. Finely tuned because they look and are so fascinating to observe, like the latest performing car, amazing controlled power and still stylishly elegant. Almost as if programmed and maintained. Movement shaping, this refers to how they move their body in so many ways when even at a slower speed. Self peaceful infliction, they are very strong on themselves to be their best for all of concern to them. These are as many as I can fit on, admittedly this is one of my favourite tracks
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    Will add a few more here in continuation of my post above or below! Drifting Dynamically through your mind, this is about the presence they possess and how we remember them, also as I refer to in the previous post, how we strive to be but at this point of the track we are relating to the panthers qualities and traits unknowingly. Could we divulge, as in do we dare ourselves to be more engaged and perhaps a part of the panthers life, the temptation can be strong but is this wise, are we ready, will we ever be ready, do we have control over that pull of modest power the panther holds. How much truly do we want to be like the panther, enough to get close??. These are the meanings that were in my mind when writing this track. Most tracks I write in a way for anyone to relate in their own way so they can adapt it to their own life, this track was perhaps the most specific out of the album.
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