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ATGE – Snake (Tom Bach Diss) lyrics
Fucks wit it

[Hopsin - Language Arts Diss/Tom Bach - Say Im Raw]
Homie you not the man
You ain't even got no fans
Ill beat you over the head with my mommas pots and pans
You shouldn't wanna rhyme
Cause the only fan you have is the one you cool off with in summertime

[Intro: Bucket Head]
Oooh this shits hot... so is your mom nigga! aha
I ate that ass doe (aha!) hannnh
Ooh my headphones came out, i dont even need to hear myself though. hannnh
(ATGE) oh we still going? (fuck tom bach!) thats why i fucked your bitch you fat mother fucker!

[Verse 1: Mr. Vegas Rap]
Yo lets get this straight, you not a rapper, you a little girl
All you do is bitch and whine, at different times you spin and twirl
Hit rewind and get to mine, this bitch you'll find is finna hurl aw.....
Now i got to deal with 2 veteran NARC's
And you better than ARK
But dude, never you start
With crews set in the dark
Its loose headed you are
NINELIVES motherfucker, you'll 'gret it tomar
We smarter than yall
Cuz i recorded the calls
And now i have it on tape
On how this faggot is fake
Why the fuck would you call yourself a "cracka", you crepe
Might eat you, yikes!
Mike beat you twice
And your still comming back for the beef you dyke?!
You reluctant little bitch
Bet you touchin little kids
And you fucking wit a clique
That ain't bluffin with their shit
And im telling you youll not find
Any of us jock lines
Saying i ain't making paper i went out and got mine
He took hopsins verse and then just spit it on a diffrent track
Dissses me and i ain't even wanna diss em back
And this is wack but listen that was chicken scratch
I ain't on some dissin crap
Im just tryna spit the facts
And tell the world his shit is wack uh
Bitch you a fake little fuck
Leave you taped to a truck
Shove your face in yo guts
Till you tasting ya nuts
Bitch you a "One Man Army"
But guns can't harm me
Got nine lives bitch its a pussy you call me?
Well, we are what we eat, you a cock, you a chicken
You a self made bitch should be moppin the kitchen
And i got a fucking list how you not could be living
Given different circumstances
Im the fuckin devil that you do not wanna dance with
Come and take your chances
Ill leave you running pantsless
Murderin these tracks you would think my brothers Manson

[Verse 2: Flexx Kid]
Said its Flexx Kid man i kill it freestylin'
Hit the blunt long man something like the island
Cuz Tom Bach i got ya mom on my cock
And im never gonna stop
Cuz you know my flow is hot
You need to fuckin quit it
Cuz you fuckin wack and you think you spit the illest
Huhh you niggas thought i just stopped
But i ain't fuckins stop cuz know my flow is hot and...fuck this

[Verse 3: Mike Reallity & King Ultimatum]
[King Ultimatum]
Using hatred and pure motivation to come and push me
And uh wait wait woah woah what the fuck is goin on yo DJ! DJ! yo fix it
[Mike Reallity]
Crush ya shit, go suck a dick cuz your more of a flamer than a motherfucking candle wick
[King Ultimatum]
Freestyle on the track
Put Tom Bach in the truck of the back of the map
Listen, im changing my ways..
You know what guys fuck it, i jus- i just can't yo yo i can't do this like yo i have i have asthma you know i can't, the beat keeps fucking up, and yeah the DJ doesnt know what the fuck hes doing..Tom Bachs a fuckin prick, i just you know what just let me just change the beat alright i promise you i will kill it like facts alright yo yo thats it alright alright stop it stop it
Uh yo
Hold up just a minute (what)
You thought i was done
See Tom Bach's just a pussy whos just in it for the fun
Nine Lives, ATGE bitches now its time to run
Got the king up on the scenery
Ain't nobody beating me
See everybody's talking shit yeah no one is believing me
Yo now i get an extra verse cuz it looks like you have beef with me
Stealing Hopsin's verses on a track man-bitch please!
After this fucking song youll get ripped knees
Get up off the floor, tell me how my dick tastes
How you wanna fight us when you got a bitch face
Stealing bars is not a trophy its a disgrace
I told you once before that i will murk you and your bitch Grace
Hatred,i feel it rise
Back down, its not my time
Everybody see me rise
Flying striaght right in the sky
And everybody knows im killin
See me on the sofa chilling
In some years I'll make a million
But for right now, Tom Bach im spilling
Uh watch Ultimatum rise
Killing this mother fucker take his head, his prize
Yo you see me killing this track
When i say Tom Bach, say WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!
Bitch! ahaha yo keep that in there

[Outro: Vegas, Flex Kid, Gardy, Joan, Dubbz & Rich]
Wait, one fo-one more thing before we leave this...Tom Bach
(your a pussy) R.I.P. (bitch) (suck a dick!) rapping impersonating pussy (nine lives) R.I.P. bitch! uhh lets get it. ha polo errythang. (flex kid we out chea) designer everything. wit yo fake ass polo and shit nigga hah bitch. loso in case you didn't know so. yeah, sosa for life! free sosa. haha free my nigga fredo,free my nigga tony. lets get it, nine lives

[Mike Reallity]
Fuck Tom Bach, your a mother fucking pussy
Saying how your rhymes are hard, they just fucking mushy
Ill eat you, like some mother fuckin sushi
Dont get me started with the fact that you called me a cracka
Cuz your fuckin whiter than me, only difference is your rhymes are whacker
Dont let me catch you near my town mother fucker ill smack ya
Talking bout how you have a gun? bitch my rhymes are a dagger

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