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Asian Kung-Fu Generation – After Dark lyrics

English Lyrics:

I try to escape before my shadow is fully cast.
Flying away, not bothering to notice my wings have fallen off.
A sweet scent from far, far away drifts across the street corner.
And I hear a familiar voice crying out.
How much father can we make it, with only the night wind's fleeting hopes to carry us?
The world trembles like it wants to stop us,
Taking everything away
I'm not dreaming any more,
And we haven't done anything yet, but still we'll keep going!

Japanese Lyrics:

Senaka no kage ga nobikiru sono aima ni nigeru
Hagare ochita hane ni mo kizukazu ni tobu
Machikado amai nioi ryuusenn touku mukou kara
Dokoka de kita you na nakigoe
Yokaze ga hakobu awai kibou wo nosete
Dokomade yukeru ka
Sore wo kobamuyou ni sekai wa yurete
Subete wo ubaisaru
Yume nara sameta
Dakedo bokura wa mada nanimo shiteinai susumu

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    I think this song reflects on Ichigo's resolve to save Orihime. The second line which states "Flying away, not bothering to notice my wings have fallen off" reflects on Orihime's friends persistence, going on without knowing the consequences and dangers they may have to face later on, the sweet scent and voice from afar represents Orihime waiting to be rescued by her friends. The 10 Espada's and Aizen could represent the world trembling as they are the main sight of danger to the protagonists, and "How much father can we make it, with only the night wind's fleeting hopes to carry us?" shows us the many perils and dangers Ichigo has to face in order to make it for Orihime, with only his friends fighting alongside him in Hueco Muendo, a world full of dangerous Hollows. This song gives us a general idea of Ichigo's strong persistence for wanting Orihime rescued, and that he will fight his hardest, no matter what dangers he faces, as long as it means seeing Orihime again.
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