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A$AP Rocky – Canal St. lyrics

(feat. Bones)

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Yeah, live through the strugglin', life's a every day hustle
I hustle every day in life thinkin' back
Takin' packs up the block them older niggas said I couldn't hustle
Man fuck 'em niggas, I'll be back, strapped back pack
Bitch I'm flipping work, hand in hand, I think they call it trappin'
Racin' laps, re-up went to waste, it pays to make it stack
Face the fact, there's always niggas out there tryin' to knock the hustle
I guess that's why they say we trap, don't let niggas hold you back
I'm just a kettle from the ghetto with no pot to piss in
So who am I to call it black? Black man, black male
Black ball, black opsy, black diamonds glistenin'
Attract the pigs and all the rats, kitten scratch
I went from roaches on my bump to red broaches on the cuff
On my tux, chauffeur pullin' up, no if, ands or buts about him
I went to Paris for my trunks, 100 thousand spend on Goyard
Used it once, couldn't give a shit, damn or fuck about 'em
Hit Canal Street, real as a gold medallion
Smokin' blunts in front of public housing
Wildin' 'til they throw me in 'em cuffs
Mouth full of fronts, look like Master P up in my Cartier's
Diamonds shinin' in the frames
Changed the game and made them say Uhh
Ain't no limits to this shit, life's a flick, you're speakin' to the script
My life is like a movie, they should film me through it
Take a pic, then show the frame and shit, forever me, was always G
Way before this famous shit, y'all just pretend to do it

[Hook: Bones](x2)
You say you got 'em guns, but I've never seen you bang
You say you get 'em drugs, but I've never seen you sling
Say you in that game, but I've yet to see you play
You say you going hard, but nobody feels the same, yeah

[Verse 2: A$AP Rocky]
Rap game like the crack game, swear it's all the same, hustle
Whippin' soda through the pot, watch it bubble
Flex a muscle, hit the block, I better teach you niggas how to hustle
Sellin' coca on the charts, watch it double
Uh, taking me in zoom and bust my shit, my mobile office
Gettin' head while at my desk, this shit my oval office
I remember when I got a hundred for recordings
Now to sum up my performances, just put me on the Forbes list
Fuck Jiggy, I'm flawless, fuck pretty, I'm gorgeous
Your favourite rapper's corpses couldn't match up my importance
My mind is out in orbits, plus my ego got endorsements
Heard the people want that raw shit, but y'all be talkin' bullshit


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    Going to go crazy until he gets arrested, wilin as in going wild and or crazy, until they throw me in them cuffs as in getting cuffed, and or arrested by the cops the police/a officer which restricts you from doing a lot of things including wildin like early he say s in the song.
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