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As I Lay Dying – Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier lyrics

I wanted to bring you all that is in my heart
I wanted to give you my everything
But I've failed you
I've failed you so many times
How can I stand here
How can I stand here before you

How can I stand here before you
When I begin to steal
What only belongs to you
What only belongs to you

I am able to bring you
Nothing that isn't already yours

I am so ashamed, I'm so ashamed
Of what I ever called my own
Take what I have, take these broken remains
What can I give to you that you don't already deserve

You laid down your life when I refused to give mine

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    There is only one meaning to this song. It is a cry to god, describing the failings of the individual and the selfishness that plagues them. God paid so much for us, he met his own standards and then gave his life as a ransom for anyone who would accept his sacrifice. He deserves all of our reverence and praise and yet, so often we forget about his sacrifice or take away from his sacrifice by our refusal to submit out sinful lives to him. God, soften the hearts of all who hear this song and allow them to realize their desperate need for you.
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  • b
    The song has nothing to do with his Christianity, says Tim of As I Lay Dying. All Christians in the band, but they don't try to write about God. Sure, you can take a song and it will seem like they're talking about God, and then if you listen to it again and think of it differently it can be something completely different, like a relationship or inner battle. Tims the one who said all the band members are Christian, but that they don't speak about God in their songs. We just interpret it however we feel it could/should mean.
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