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Archer & Park – I Still Wanna Jump Your Bones lyrics

Now all my buddies said to mark their word
Our honeymoon was soon gonna end
Now they all stand around just a scratchin' their heads
Cause they know how long it's been
They wanna know what the secret is they're beggin' me for a clue
I told them it's simple they gotta have a honey like you

Those same desires still burn like fire the flame of love won't die
We've found the switch that turns us on we stay lit up inside
Now honey we still got it it ain't gone I still wanna jump your bones

Now you make that old flannel gown look like a ballroom dress
And when you think you look the worst to me you look the best
Darling you still turn my head the way you used to do
It just keeps gettin' better I can't get enough of you

Those same desires...
[ guitar - harmonica ]
Yeah those same desires...
Now honey we still got it it ain't gone
I still wanna jump I still wanna jump I still wanna jump your bones

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