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Apollo – Fucked Up lyrics

Feat. Swateezy

[Apollo - Chorus]
Her love to me is like cocaine one shot to the brain
One shot is all I need to end this pain
I'm going insane I'm in my own lane
I spark it all up then do it again
I'm feelin so high like I'm on a plane
Somebody what's love when your love is a drug
Somebody tell me what's love when can't get enough
When u just wanna rub, when you just wanna touch
And you spark it all up, and it enters your lungs

[Apollo - Verse 1]
When u just wanna rub, when you just wanna touch
And you spark it all up, and it enters your lungs
Sometimes you gotta change it up and sometimes you gotta start new
Fuckin all these another bitches in my suite then I'm Layin next to you
I don't mean to be rude, honestly I'm just speaking out my mind
Call you my day one while these other bitches schedule 2 to 5
Lookin in the mirror saying who am I
You My down ass bitch call you my ride or die
As I look you in the eyes eyes on my Rollie as you see time fly
I wanna take you on ride thru this tunnel of love
I swear I want you but is don't I just can't get enough

[Apollo - Bridge]
Who am I to blame except my self
I can't even accept my self I need to change
But you only want a nigga with some change


[Swateezy - Verse 2]
I'm seein you up in my visions while I fuck these other bitches
But since I overdosed on you, my view on women has been different
I used to think pussy was power, now I power play for pussy
You brought me close to the edge, played with my feelings then you pushed me
The only reason this side exist is cause I can no longer trust a bitch
I used to think with my heart now I make decisions with my dick
But that's just lately
Casanova SWAT, that's who you made me
You put me thru this pain and have the nerve to say I changed
You must be crazy



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