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Apart From Death – The Storm Approaches lyrics

My heart beats in my ears and my blood pulses like hell In a bottle,
It gets ready to break and as the internal flood begins and make no mistake
This is my final try

My sanity is bearing down on me
Your life is a joy defective way of living
My beliefs are at best fragile and forgiving
When I'm told that a certain tame beast is coming
Kill me before you wake me

The storm approaches the time has come
This world we once knew now washed away
My dreams are not my reality
This is hell, and it's mine to share

You taught me to judge because this world is too unforgiving and far too
I can take this emulated life no longer, the hell it promises just gets
My thoughts are sympathetic at best

When all my ideals are put to test I find a way out with zen in murder.
The veil slips away, revealing the face of a greater being, a light in a
Separate from the flames that burn merrily the presence of a godly

The storm approaches the time has come
The world we once knew now washed away
My dreams are not my reality
This is hell, and it's mine to share

This world must change for your sins, else I'll make you give this world
For your life
They won't want it but I will and I will put up a fight
You forget the simplicity of animalistic over powerment and I just can't
Wait to show you wrong you were
This world can change, and you can too
Allow me to show you the ropes god tied to this planet and cut them apart
This world can change but I fear for the worst

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