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Anthrax – A.I.R. lyrics

Young and free, something you'll never be
A childhood's end, it's lunacy
Pure dictation, they don't listen
And you're just waiting for what you're missing

Welcome to your nightmare
You just can't walk away
It's time for you, to choose, your fate
You just can't let it lay
Welcome to your nightmare
Your whole life's on the way,

You're no good, misunderstood, A. I. Are.
All their hopes and visions, of what they want you to be
Crucial times, made up minds, A. I. Are.
So high and mighty, though much too blind to see

Who are you gonna live your life for?
Conformity will trap you like a locked door
Independence means owning your decisions
Authority will put your soul in prison

Fight, or go insane, there's no one else to blame
Stop, their influence, you can't give them a chance
Break, right through the wall, that separates us all
Start, your second life, without their hands in sight

You got your pride, you got your visions
Don't subside, don't ever give in
Don't compromise just keep on grinning
The games they play you just keep on winning
Keep on winning
Keep on winning
Keep on winning
A. I. Are.

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  • j
    This song is about being your own person, the boy becomes a man, a personal discovery knowing what he wants to be and the things others expect him to be, its about being your own man and living life as you so choose. Never giving in to what others expect you to be, parents, teachers, friends anyone who has influence in your life should only promote what we all hope to find in life and that is happiness. This is the message I feel that this song speaks. I'm unsure what the meaning is for the acronym A. I. Are. And I would like to know so if anyone can answer that please let me know.
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