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Ant Banks – Fuckin' Wit Banks lyrics

Ant Banks (spoken):
Oooh, goddamn, I'm glad you set it off
Ha ha, yeah, you know
Pooh-Man, big sucker, fat face fucker
So won't you just pucker up and suck the nuts of the big, big badass nigga
Ant Banks, let's do this shit, you know
Let's do this shit, nigga
The big bad ass, yeah
(Ant Banks):
Enough is enough with this fake ass bullshit
My finger's on the trigger and I'm itchin' to pull it
Now let's see who's the first mark on my hit list
Is it Winnie the Pooh? No, it's Pooh-man, the big bitch
You're just a mark till you heart miss a piddy
Made another fake tape, and yet it sounds so shitty
So meet your maker, muthafucka, I made you
Put a quarter in your ass and I just played you, nigga
You frontin' like you rough and tough
But you was screamin' like a bitch when Hub socked that ass up
I know the real, nigga, you just a punk
And why you keep runnin' if you wanted some funk, nigga?
Fake gangster, you off by a long shot
Quick to get popped if I catch you on the wrong block
I keep a full clip up in my tank
And you'll get tossed by the boss when you fuckin' with Banks, nigga
fuckin' with Banks
Yeah boy, you'll get mopped when you're...
Fuckin' with Banks
You get that ass socked up when you're...
(Ant Banks):
Three albums out, and they all on the flop list
See, you can't even rap, that's why your ass got dropped, bitch
Cuz the niggas I roll with is dangerous
We don't let no fake niggas hang with us
I break that ass off with no remorse
You can't hang with the Banks, you better stay on the porch, nigga
With your bitch ass voice, shit, you sound like a chipmunk
Tryna be hard, you ain't not

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