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Anomaly – Do You Believe lyrics

A weightless endless word
I float beneath the wake
Every breath I take like oil in water
The deeper you go, the harder to see the light
In the steel blue water
Is there any order?
Is there intelligence
Or just indifference?

Do you really believe?
Have you lost your mind?
You're too naive
Do you really believe?
I'm waiting for the punch line
You're too easy to deceive

She's so sure she's on her way to heaven...
Perfect typecast in a televangelist's dream
With open arms, welcome home Jimmy
When the truth hurts, she's says it's just not true
Will you spare me?

Now that you're saved who'll save you from yourself?

Do you really believe?
It's your way or the highway
Latitude you can't conceive

Hollow eyes, empty face
Relaying lies with a clue no trace
Ignorant inbreeding recipe
Pious deception in every sense of the word
I'm by no means a brain, no
But someone's pulling something over you

They're a new power tribe
With the numbers to bribe
And I can't swallow what you're feeding
A crusade in hypocrisy
'Cause you can kill when he's not your creed
Rules bent for your offering
Charlie and Lucy's enough for me

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