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Annie And Kelly McRae – He Knows My Name lyrics

Verse 1
He counts the stars one and all
He knows how much sand is on the shores
He sees every sparrow that falls
He made the mountains and the seas
He's in control of everything
Of all creatures great and small

And He knows my name
Every step that I take
Every move that I make
Every tear that I cry
He knows my name

When I'm overwhelmed by the pain
And can't see the light of day
I know I'll be just fine
'Cause He knows my name

Verse 2
I don't know what tomorrow may bring
I can't tell you what's in store
I don't know a lot of things
I don't have all the answers
To the questions of life
But I know in Whom I have believed


He knew who I was when He carried my cross
He knew that I would fail Him but He took the loss


Every step that I take
Every move that I make
Every tear that I cry

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    I am so grateful that he does, indeed, know my name. If I had a million tongues, I could not thank him enough for the many trials he has brought me through. I am in awe of our awesome god! "he knows my name" and "so you would know," along with prayers of thanksgiving, are the gifts that keep me uplifted. If he never does another thing for me this side of heaven, I will always worship, adore and praise him. He is my everything!
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    In this life there are many disappointments, but god is unchanging, and his love is constant. This life is filled with 'what if' situations and love with ties and attached strings. I serve an 'i will god' and an on time god who cares about the smallest of things. He cares about you and me and the sparrow that has fallen from the heights of the tree. He cares much more for his children even the ones who have fallen. Thank you so much for this anointed word from him to you to anyone who will received it. Love in christ,
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    I love this song. I've been going through a lot lately and I thought of this song and I asked my music instructor if we could sing it sunday and it really just speaks to me because it says that he knows me. He knows what I'm going through, even though it could always be worse. God really moves you. He knows who you are even though you seem so small. He know you better than you do and I'm just thankful for that.
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    I know a lawyers family who were fought in the middle of a gun shooting hiding in/or behind can't remember everything by him and his family were scared to death and this song started playing on there CD player in there car and he said at that moment God gave him peace so every time I hear that song it gives me peace.
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    Praise God! This song brings tears of joy every time. 'He knows my name'! He is always there, oh how sweet to know that we are children of the king of all Kings, glory be to God..
    Where would I be if he didn't love me and cares for all my needs.
    Thank God for his annointing words.
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