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ANJell – What Should I Do lyrics

Hangeoleum mankeum geudael bonaemyeon nunmulina
Hangeoleum mankeum geudaega gamyon de nunmuli

Soneul bbeodeodo sonna emileodo daheulsu
Eopneun gosuro

Geudae ganeunde japji motago nan ulgoman itjyo

Eotteokhajyo eoddeokajyo geudaega ddeonaganeyo
Eotteokhajyo eoddeokajyo naldugo ddeonaganeyo

Saranghaeyo saranghaeyo monghoa bulleobojiman

Geudaen deutji motaeyo gaseu meuroman
Woechigo isseuni

Haruonjongil jiwobojiman ddo ddeoolla
Haruonjongil ibyeolhajiman ddodasi ddeoolla

Soneul bbeo dado sonnae mileodo aneulsu eopneun

Geudaen gatjiman chatji motago nan ulgoman itjyo

Eotteokhajyo eotteokhajyo jyakogaidenam buyayeo
Eotteokhajyo eotteokhajyo nangulde saranghamnunte

Miannheyo miannheyo mimaride weshideyeo bulleobajiman

Geuden deutji motaeyo gaseumeuroman
Woechigo isseuni

Eotteokajyo eotteokhajyo nan ojik geudaebbuninde
Eotteokhajyo eotteokhajyo geudaega ddeonaganeyo
Eotteokhajyo eotteokhajyo naldugo ddeonaganeyo

Saranghaeyo saranghaeyo mongnoa bulleobojiman

Geuden deutji motaeyo gaseumeuroman woechigo isseumi

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    What do I do lyrics.
    Hangoren mankun kedel boneamyoun youngmol heyna hangoren mankun ketega kamyon tononmore helowa >> sonel padado sonemerado tawolsowanango seroo kedekanende sachemotago nanelgo nanechoo >>
    Hoto kajo hoto kajo. Kedegato nakaneyo hoto kajo hoto kajo naldogoto nakaneyo. Saranghaeo momowa polapo (jemma) , kedente chetgoayo kasome roman wechego heesene, parowon jonge chewobogo cheman doto hola parowon jonge yebol hajemal dota cheto mola, sonolpadago sonerado panelsowanengo sero kode kade chemal chachemal motago nanelpo nanecho, hoto kajo hoto kajo. Kedegato nakaneyo hoto kajo hoto kajo naldogoto nakaneyo. Saranghaeo momowa polapo (jemma) , kedente chetgoayo kasome roman wechego heesene, hoto kajo hoto kajo nanojekodapodanende hotokajo hoto kajo kedegato nakaneyo hoto kajo hoto kajo naldogoto nakaneyo. Saranghaeo momowa polapo (jemma) , kedente chetgoayo kasome roman wechego heesene.
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    I want to say sorry to my boyfriend. I hurts him a lot. And now, after 2 years hurting him, he can't stand beside me anymore. He can't hold the way I hurts him anymore. 2 years we were a couple and along the 2 years I hurt him. And now, he was walking away from me. I never thought that he will walk away. And now, I'm begging him to stay with me. I really need him in my life. Love you so much. I'm so sorry for breaking your heart. Please never leave me alone.
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    I just don't know what to do. Jusy what should I do? I have come to know that my father is cheating my mother by sleeping with another woman.
    And I'm sure he won't ever leave my mother because of all the pressure. I am sure and it's not my intuition. So I'm confused. Should I tell this to my mother or should I let it go and act like it never happened?
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    I don't know what should I say. This song drive me to crazy in some how. Its effect on me. And calls all loves seeds in my heart. Ithink the singer was subrep and wow. I never thought that korean songs will effect on me. But this song. Oh yeah.
    I didn't know at first what does it mean. But after I know iam glad to had that chance to listen to it. I hope it was easy to speak korean lol. I find the spelling so hard on me:/.
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    The song is about the lovers. The guy is saying that you are going so far that as you take a step forward leaving behind me, tears flow down my eyes, that you are going so far that I can't reach you even I open my arms for you but I am so helpless that I watch you to o and cry alone. He says that what do I do that you are leaving me here alone. He says that he loves her but that voice of his confession cannot reach to the ears of his beloved because he is yelling those words inside his heart. He remembers her all day and no matter how much he try to escape her thoughts he is unable to do so and yelling in his heart again and again that he is helpless and he lovers her so much.
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