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Angry Johnny And The Killbillies – Brand New Girl lyrics

I'm gonna skin you alive, and make a
Suit out of your hide
And then I'll go downtown and
I'll make believe I'm you
I'm gonna put your favorite dress on,
I'm gonna put on your perfume
I'm gonna go out and find out
What it's like to be you.
I'm gonna flirt with all the boys,
I'm gonna be so fucking coy
And they won't know inside it's me - it isn't you
And while I'm being you, you'll get your
Taste of being me
All alone and crying, dying with no one
Around to see
I won't be there to help you this time, now you'll
Learn your lesson
I'll be out with your red dress on, giving it
Away for free
I'm gonna be a brand new girl, I'm gonna own this
Whole damn world
At every party I will be the queen
I'm gonna find out what's so great about
Everything I hate
From now on I'm you and there is no more me
It didn't have to come to this, but I guess
Life is full of twists
And love is just one breath away from hate
We could have been the biggest thing since they
Crowned the Presley boy the king
But now it's time for me to end this stalemate.

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