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Andre Nickatina – Crooked Crow lyrics

I hit these niggas with the punishment
Enemy schemes top secret like the government
So check my rep from Don King my nigga
A word from the wise don't trust that bitch
I watch these muthafuckas melt like a grilled cheese samwich
Chewy on the go then smoke then vanish
So niggas fuck with 'nopoly cause this is how I play
Lockin niggas down like they in pelican fuckin bay
Solitary, it's 1995 February
And you won't see the sun until 2000 January
Nickatina, I'm like a pisces but a submarine-a
You crossed yo eyes and I knocked you out cause you said I dealt with Tina
It's the pit, doberman rots and shit
Laid like a perm on a bad ass bitch
Big lips, smooth legs
I'm like a chicken hawk
These katipillas better post on a night watch
It's goin down, 8 pounds of that dank skunk
This crooked crow said I'm a nigga that he couldn't trust
Man I don't care what you think you fuckin super sucka
Man I don't care what you think you fuckin dirty clucka
Man I don't care what you think you fuckin tommy tucka
Man I don't care what you think you cuttin muthafucka
You's a crooked crow!

Mind on temporary drama
Fuck these muthafuckas but I'm a angel when I'm wit my momma
So wrap yo arms around yo body like a straight jacket
Bow down and let me rid you of those same old tactics
Cause this chewy got me high until tha next day
Muthafucka I'm lookin through you like an x-ray
Partna, nigga has death [never seen] your face
Well I don't think you wanna take my strap to my waist
Like yowda hoe get up off that powda!
Lemon muthafucka I can see that you sour
Lime your 9 cents short of a dime
Niggas is broke that's why niggas do crime
Battle! Nigga like Dallas and the 9ers
Wheres yo woman? Muthafucka betta find her
It's chillin, hatred in the mind Matt Dillon
My Vietnam stare will have you bouncing of the ceiling yeeah

You's a crooked crow!
If you didn't know
You's a crooked crow!

[???] survivin' in the ghetto too
Uh, I thought you knew
Check this out

To the fullest muthafucka I'm the muthfuckin purest
Nigga fuck around and get robbed like a tourist
At the wrong place
At the wrong time
In the wrong car
At the wrong sign
Katapilla! You can' fuck wit me!
I'm that nigga every nigga wanna be!
Like shaft, getting square off in that ass
Dank 'n a s*** freak don't fuck wit hash
Reputation, smoke dope & rap's my occupation
Between that time obligations rock the nation
Suffocation can't breathe from that blow to the neck
Reactions like a report card nigga all Fs
So um, tiptoe in uh, Fillmoe
Where money is God and muthafuckas gettin low
So I'm at you like a hungry fox on a jackrabbit
Don't try to test my temper cause I got a indo habit
And it's poppin, baby, imma let you know
Mother fuck you bitch goddamn ass hoe
Crooked crow

Gimme a break down
What'sup Lo Lo?
Mike Mike
Tram nigga
It's ya boy Dre Dogg check it out

My dt crew gets wrecked (Killa!)
My dt crew gets wrecked (Go and get em!)
My dt crew gets wrecked (Killa!)
My dt crew gets wrecked (Go and get em!)
My dt crew gets wrecked (Killa!)
My dt crew gets wrecked (Go and get em!)
My dt crew gets wrecked (Killa!)
My dt crew gets wrecked (Go and get em)
My dt crew gets wrecked!

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