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André 3000 – A Richer Shade Of Blue lyrics

You see all these people out here on this street, Eddie
See they got blues
I’m talking ‘bout they poor
They broke, they hungry, that’s blues

Well, the blues can live in Buckhead too
I know it’s just a richer shade of blue
But it’s still blue, I can feel it, listen

He got everything he want
But everything he need money don’t buy
Now if that ain’t blues I’ll say listen, oh

They look at you
All they see is dollar sign
Now if that ain’t blues I’ll say listen
A rich shade of blue

Okay, okay, you snappin’, you snappin’
A rich shade of blue
Well, I’m just playing what I feel and it sure feels good
A rich shade of blue

I see I’ma have to bring you down to [Incomprehensible] more often
‘Cause you goin’ off
A rich shade of blue
Or we can take it to Buckhead and do it Peachtree style
A rich shade of blue

Everybody fall down sometime, yeah, just like that
Oh, but you gotta get back to the place where they know your face
And they don’t mind if you cry sometimes
They listen ‘cause they cry too

Ooh, that’s [Incomprehensible]
A rich shade of blue
I guess it ain’t where you from, it's where you at
A rich shade of blue

It’s my birthday and I’m having the best worst time of my life
A rich shade of blue
Man, we stand out on this corner any longer
You gon’ make me rich
A rich shade of blue

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