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AM Kidd – Somebody Special lyrics

Verse 1
Now tell me do I wish too much?
Is it cause I kick it and I drink too much?
But the truth is I wanna live too much.
And you're the type of girl I'd like to give too much, till it's enough.
Please tell me I'm close to your type
Not cute but I know what's right
Not sweet but I know what's nice
And I could make you laugh and smile all night
Might mess up and say the wrong lines
And I tend to say things at all the wrong times
But I'm confident that we're so right
Even with these flaws I'm not the wrong guy
Off bat, I could say I'm not book smart
But I'm smart enough to protect your heart
Dump your past it belongs in the junkyard
Let's hook up all we need is a jumpstart

I wish I was somebody special, special in your eyes

Verse 2:
Tell me do I think too much?
Is it what I'm feeling makes you trip too much?
If we choose to pass, might miss too much.
You know I'm into you cause I hint too much, is it enough?
Please tell me that I cross your mind
Ever think about crossing that line?
Can I prove that I'm worth the risk
So I could prove that I'm worth your time
Not buff but I know my loves strong
Not rich but I'll write you a love song
What you're getting is a part of me
And that right there is the heart from me, yeah.

I don't really know how to say this but...
You're the only song in my playlist, love.

Get a little closer when we hug
But what I'm feeling might be too much...

I wish I was somebody special, special in your eyes...

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Submitted bytrixia_06


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    (song as a whole)
    I think this song means that when you like someone. You want to know you mean something to them. You know that you're not perfect. But, who is? This person wants to show the person they like that their only human & everyone manes mistakes. "im not book smart. But, im smart enough to not break your heart" meaning they don't know everything in the world but they know exactly how to treat a person right. This person doesn't know exactly how the other feels. But by the way they are acting towards them. They have a clue or an idea about the feelings the other person has. Hoping its mutual. (:
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