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Alvin Grisham – My Team lyrics

Pull up in the parking lot and then
I drop my feet I get out the car all
Eye's are on me ima sucha supa star hell
Yea that's me looking like a ghetto
Star with polo on my feet ima's be the
Quaterback that represetn my team now
It's the real gucci that made all the
Gleam I hit tha trap up and then spiited tha
Dream I'm mixing up tha beat and make niggaz
Sing people envy me everywhere that I'd be
Ducking in the bleachers and yet they still
Find me I ain't smooth but I know that I'm clean
Flawless is impossible or is that what it
Seems checking all the hataz don't never
Fuck with me chalk up the map and get
Off the street no slippers
No dippers put on my fucking team no drinking
No liqour gonna be on my fucking team!

This goez for my team it goez
For my team all the ride and die
Niggaz this all go for my team, this just
For my team to all my fucking teams
For my ride and die bitches this all just for my team!

Walking down the street people looking at
Me I guess they think they fear me but
They ain't doing me doing nothing for me
So why I'm even worrying if they ain't shit
To me I ain't sweating that mess so get
From the lumpy! Everybody jumpy when they
See me one time you know they all love me
I'm the youngest one alive my name is A. J.
A. K. A shorty-by-nature this is may-day!

This goez for my team it goez for my
Team all the ride and die niggaz this
All go for my team, this just for my
Team to all my fucking teams for my ride
And die bitches this all just for my team!

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