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Alley Boy – When I Die lyrics

Intro: Lord please if I die right now forgive me for all my sins
Lord forgive me... Forgive me

I'm tryna be a billionaire 'foe I die ('foe I die)
Let off the K's in they face if I die (if I die)
Throw up a prayer for a player when I die (when I die)
Labeled the jack of all trades when I die (when I die)
The day that Alley leave please throw up a prayer for me
I hope he Lord forgive a gansta's sins when he send for me
All the dirt I did I had no choice I had to make some ends I had to feed my
It's no excuse for all the wrong you did
So what else for me to do pray, Man I pray everyday
What I'm gon do when you don't hear me it ain't gon work W/O no faith
Lord please times was so hard, so hard I had to go hard
Or watch my folk starve
The money was right there
Babymamas calling couldn't afford daycare
So I finnesse and break across to but my own daycare
I gotta billion dollar dreams with a mad man's schemes
Grab the mini 14, black mask, red beam
Repeat hook twice
Blood on my hands, facing that man I hope he understand
Believed he'd see me n2 heaven everything didn't go as planned
Sacrificed my soul for small shit; jewelry, cars, women
Felt like he died w/o that money, bt he couldn't take it w/him
A lot of niggas cried before they died bt it's too late to pray
So I hit my knees everyday never know it could be my last day
Lord help me, Satan gt me, I'm gon rotten
My heart plotting, another check, another dead body
Am I possessed for all this mess, these material wants
If I repent my sins it ain't no do's or don'ts
Please show mercy, my upbringing felt like someone cursed me
Throw up a prayer for a player on the day they jerk me
Repeat Hook 2xs

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