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alexthomasdavis – Lost In Space lyrics

Don't tell me I'm lost in space
Don't tell me I've run my race

About this town
I've seen your face
About this town youve dragged your case
Don't tell me I'm lost in view
Don't tell me youve lost this cue
About this thing that's chasing you
About this thing I'm running through
I know you could be the one
I know you can see the sun
From where you stand it looks like fun
From where you stand you're number one
I know that I'm lost in space
I drink my beer from crates
Throughout this land I've gathered pace
Throughout this land in altered states
Don't tell me I'm number two
Don't tell me there's no more you
About this town
Your thoughts are true
About this town that's painted blue
Don't tell me I'm all alone
Don't tell me I'm throwing stones
About this thing it's like a drone
About this thing in broken homes

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis


  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    I wrote this song the same day I wrote Theres Always Another Song also from this album. I think I should have tried to write a whole album that day. Two good songs :) I was going to call it Number One, but I like Lost In Space as it echoes a sentiment from my first song Crazy About You.
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