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alexthomasdavis – Fight You Again lyrics

On top of the hilltop surrounded by men
I'm counting to seven they're counting to ten
The people are hungry again and again
And there's nothing inside you apart from a pen

The man he said ugly the man he's at ten
So fold up your worries and concentrate zen
A phobia is good to forget all your friends
With enemies like these wholl need them again
Could you ever stick all of the jibes
And could you ever kick women with knives
Could you listen to all of their lies
Adrenaline junkies it's good to survive
Have you ever been put in a corner
And have you ever had blood on your shoulders
Have you ever been down on your knees
Well roll up your blindness and roll up your sleeves
Now is the moulding of every bad blood
It's time that you orchestrate everything good
You have to be better time after time
It's easy to summon your strength from a lie
Now I'm at seven and he is at sixes
He wishes that he could get out of this fixture

Don't take your eyes off the pity of life
Go for the kill and then go get a prize
All of the commentaries of all of the men
Are not so important they can't start again

It's what you know now not no what you knew then
It's easy to live if you like killing men
Fashion is fast there's a high price to pay
But I know that I'll come back and get you one day
If there's a reason to carry a tray
Well I'll put your teeth on it and end it today

Power is everything power can stay
Power can talk it's way out of affray

Keep what you need like your heart and keys
Throw everything else that you don't need away

At the end of the day all the cliches are stains
On the minds of the purist that's what left remains

It's all about nothing to you that's a shame
But you know that I'll come back and fight you again
All of the people and all of the pain
But you know that I'll come back and fight you again
All that I need are my elbows and knees
And you know that I'll come back and fight you again
Never pretend that you are my friend
Or you know that I'll come back and fight you again
Breathe in a mountain and breathe out the end
And you know that I'll come back and fight you again

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Submitted byAlex Thomas Davis

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Fight You Again meanings

  • alexthomasdavis
    Alex Thomas Davis
    I wrote this poem while I was living in an attic room once in Leeds. The room was damp and cramped, with a horrible low ceiling. I think this advertises well the kind of lyrics you can write when you are put in that sort of situation. I started to put 'Again' on the titles of a lot of songs, I guess thats my signature, its not a purposeful ploy, it just seems to fit well and emphasise the situation of the song well. This is probably the closest I've been to Bob Dylan lyrically. It famously has no chorus and still works. Amazing!
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