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Alex Simmons – High Emotion lyrics
[Verse 1]
First thing’s first, shout out my mama for conquering Florida drama,
She sort of restored the normal, the torture’s been put behind us,
The poor me put up a wall, now we borderline tore it down,
I’m immortal, more of the world will support me sporting the crown,
But hold it, suppose I told you I’m ferocious and whether you know it,
I only chose to give ya’ll a dose of my emotion,
To show ya’ll how close I am to exploding for the exposure,
And mostly I sold my soul to a holy man who’s unknown,
I’m playing, I’m playing, I’m really playing, don’t make me go super saiyan,
Take notes, I’m just leaving the booth in flames,
My lyrics are too insane, I do my thang, I’m shooting names,
I’m moving ranks, flying high like I’m superman,
I’m tryna figure out whether I’m gonna lose or gain,
Niggas mad they can’t keep up, but don’t know who to blame,
I’ve never been one to go along with the loser games,
Don’t got time to go back and forth like I’m a boomerang,
But back to business, it’s sad I’m a tad bit vicious,
I’m glad that I have the sense to retract when the savage in me,
Gets mad and wants to attack in sporadic fashion but listen,
I’ve had it with saddened bitches who mad they lack the attention,
Wait, forgot to mention they know me by Alex Simmons,
Go follow on Instagram, I post pictures for all the women,
But also I’m never stingy, I post up with all my niggas,
No hindrances can limit me, tell it to my precision, STOP.

We gon pause that shit,
We gon pause that shit,
High Emotion,
We gon pause that shit,
We gon pause that shit nigga,
High Emotion,
We getting dogged by the rich,
I’m getting dogged by the rich nigga,
High Emotion,
Bout to go off on a bitch,
Bout to go off, yeah

[Verse 2]
Look, public perception is a son of a bitch,
I’ll keep running with the disinformation, deception is driving me sick,
And to myself it’s kind of hard to commit,
Not tryna play tricks on myself man, but I swear that I’m just tryna convince,
My that deceit is keeping me heated, I swear I’m bleeding,
And I’m in need of help and I’ll die before I be defeated,
That’s like a contradiction and I swear what’s fiction is,
My egotistic all together image that’s now been invented,
Who said a nigga gotta pretend he don’t gotta feel,
I’m a prince, don’t gotta dress, considered fresher than Cousin Will,
Don’t gotta be what ya’ll niggas want me to be,
And please believe I don’t gotta sell out for me to succeed, agreed,
So please, no need to feed my pride, it’s make believe,
Don’t tell my daddy I cried, nigga might up and leave,
Whoops, too late for that, take ya unavailing ass,
Away with your trailer trash, too prideful to say my bad,
Selfish desires don turned you into a liar,
I hope that you and your girl both burn in a fucking fire,
I’m tired, don’t you hate me, what you been up to lately,
To stay and raise up your babies,
Nah, nigga just ran for safety,
I’m patiently waiting for the day that I can say that he saved me,
An explanation he gave me, turns out the nigga just played me,
Nah, he played himself, cause I’m on my way to wealth,
Cry out to the preacher, that nigga say he too saved to help,
Shit left me puzzled, as for the pain, it was subtle,
You can’t rebuttal, you saved but yet you here for the hustle,
Now listen, church folk can huddle while niggas be crying puddles,
Cause they can’t feel no love, Modele sorry, but you fit my description,
The system’s twisted, even cops, they steady killing innocent niggas,
Not dealing, for what my nigga, I must’ve missed it,
Carry conceals, the deal is they make us the villain,
Ain’t that a bitch, I’m feeling tired of this shit, now on to politicians,
Why we got niggas starving, I’m talking to all the balling harder niggas,
That ain’t good for shit like deadbeat father figures,
We need to conduct a call to mission for all the listeners,
Who got it harder than all the bitches buying cars for Christmas,
I gotta be honest with you, Obama I truly miss you,
And Trump, I wanna diss you but that ain’t gon fix the issue,
Somebody get me a tissue, Alessia let me kiss you,
I’m getting off cause my morals are going out the window,

We gon pause that shit,
We gon pause that shit,
High Emotion,
We gon pause that shit,
We gon pause that shit nigga,
High Emotion,
We getting dogged by the rich,
I’m getting dogged by the rich nigga,
High Emotion,
Bout to go off on a bitch,
Bout to go off, fuck it

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