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Afterburn Inc – Life Is Hard lyrics

Afterburn Inc.

Life is hard
Verse 1
People wanna wish death upon us
Cuz we wanna kill them
Police runnin around causing a fuss
Asking when where and when
We put caps in there Face
For wielding a mace
Cuz we were frontin
And stuntin
And you didn't like it
And told you to eat shit

Life is hard
So death gotta be easy
You hire some bodyguards
You strut in ya hood
Like a retard.

Verse 2
How did you end up like this
Cuz you forgot to see da signs you missed
It all started when I was takin a piss
You come behind me
N start cussing me like a gee
Then the next time we meet
You're the one who won't be smelling sweet


Verse 3

You followed me for some reason
If I was king I would hang you for treason
Nobody liked you and nobody ever will
Cuz you like to brag
Bout a drive by kill
You try and act like a pimp
But really you're a wimp
Why not shrivel up
Like a little shrimp

Chorus (x2)

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