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Adversarial – Churning The Storm lyrics

The embers in my heart glow black as the void draws me in deeper
The fallacy of your world and gods feeds my anger again

This mockery of "being" before me
Theses cowards absurd in their ways
Hiding in laws and religions
Consuming them straight to the grave

Keep the sewage you thrive in
I'll turn my back on it's call
And I'll watch the storm as it awakens
Death will feast on you all

Tempest of fire burn their golden temples
That can't be cleansed by all their holy water
Of the filth and stench of idiocy and weakness
The fucking remnants of their "age of reason"

Circus of hypocrisy: god-fearing fools, deny yet embrace their sin
The martyrs, the masses, the leaders: not victims. Just pawns of their self-righteous game

Vermin you soil everything that you touch
Spewing poison until the last breath
Ignorance is bliss they say and cry: forgive us!
Try and lull yourselves now that the storm is here you cowards
Callous I've grown now that death comes to call
Black-crowned in ashes you'll quiver and fall

Burn... Just fucking burn

And the embers of passion and hatred flare seething my blood
As everything turns to ash never to rise up again

Arms raised to heaven a swarm in the dark bleeds
Mouths open wide they are fed the disease

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