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Adept – Caution Boys Night Out! lyrics

Let's go, motherfucker, it's time to put your dance shoes on we're hitting the town.
Let's go, motherfucker, tonight we're gonna party until our feet starts bleeding!

You heard us!
The time is ours.
We're awaiting the nightfall to turn us alive.
Like werewolves thirsting for blood,
Me and my boys are craving;
"You have to turn up the sound!"
And celebrate this night!

Hey ladies!
Put your best moves on,
And show us that you got it.
We'll eat your soul
Just to spit it right back!
Hey boys ooh!
Let's open fire,
And take what is left.

We are the werewolves and this night has just begun,
And we will slit the fucking flesh right of you
Don't take this personal,
You just don't make the cut,
We own this night and you my dear
Are wasting our - time!
We are the pack of wolfs and we are living for the nightlife.
You are the party!

The moon is full and I can feel a change.
My nails are growing strong,
What the fuck is going on?
I got this urge to sink my razor teeth through thicken skin
My sense is strong, the scent of blood still lingers in the mist.
I feel like I'm turning into something new;
A wolf hunting till the death of moon

Tonight, will be, the best damn night ever (repeated in background) (x5)

We'll sing from the top of our lungs
That this time we're making history
This time we'll set the record straight
From the top of our lungs, that this time we're making history
This time we're...

... Oh shit! I forgot, that the moon is full.
So come on everybody
Don't take this personal
You just don't make the cut.
We own this night and you my dear,
Are wasting our - time!
We are the pack of wolfs and we are living for the nightlife
You are the party.

Werewolves, everybody sing we are the werewolves!
One more time.
One last fight.
A final night.
(A final night)
To set this straight,
To set this straight,

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