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Ace Boys – So Gone lyrics

Temhits musy,
Haha you know wat it is men,
It's efp production,

Haters can't catch me although am alone,
Beefers open the door for me now I got money,
Jamers want 7 30 hits am so gone,
Am so gone am so gone, (x2)

Efp tel'me so gone rap one bit,
Am an eagle star why I got paid inthe last bit,
Niggas feel my pain gone gone making my list,
What you know about inthe niggas s***,
Number one hasler that's me know why am so famous,
My niggas trying to get faint dealin with racers,
Nigga what you gonna do am the best inthe streets,
No money dreaming in your head like the anceint kings,
Jame b and sami got no cars but more fans,
Chilling rapping good men that's what I do,
Am making them to be crasy know am so hood,
So good my masters crying like a crouve,
Ndikuswa ma bit fans yaonso ndi yauve,
Ndili pa net still making mores udzizunze,
Follow my back zomwe ndikuna izizi umve,
Know that ndikafika boo mahits anga usawakhudze,
Am not awesome men know more hits,
Fans kuchuluka jealous ngati ndili m'mabits,
Nde'ndiawuze kuti I will never stop this,
I will keep on doing it until I fed up inthe streets,


Ace boys doing this game onthe floor,
Danger on mic made pathetic flows,
Killing the bits now welcome to the funeral,
Although it is national I will do it like international,
Umangodziwiratu flows'yi akayamba jame_b,
Fans imangoziwa kuti dzilipo indedi,
Kudzutsa bambo pampando kufila saundiyi bad,
Machicks amati flows yanga ndithu ili sick,
Kutalker ndangotalker kuti iyayi ine ndi big,
Tinyimbo tanuti titipangitsa kuti titseke,
Chikanakhala chombo bwenzi tikuti tiyeni tiseke,
Nazo zanuzo zimveke,
Anthu aseke,
Kufila saundi ya jame b is going hard,
Indedi kuthekadi,
Saundiyi ikufithadi,
Same and jame b them so fly,


So gone I tel'men that am so gone,
So swagg I tel'men that am so gone,
So boss I tel'men that am so gone,
So hood I tel'men that am so gone,

Tmmg haha!

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