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Aaron Reevey – Played lyrics

If you've ever been played
Wave your hands in the air
And sing the song: New A. Reev!

I've been lied too, (lied too)
I've been cheated on, (cheated on)
I've been, (I've been)
Played for the last time
Girl this time, I think I got the strength
To get up and leave tonight

I've been lied too, (i've been lied too)
I've been cheated on, (been cheated on)
I've been, (Oh I've been)
Played for the last time, (the last time)
Girl this time, I think I got the strength
To get up and leave tonight
(To up and leave tonight)

Verse 1:
There was never an issue of trust
Always believed, that I,
I had your love (your love)
Gave you everything, without question
Or any hesitation (thought I was the one)
Only to find, baby
You were playing games, with my mind
There was somebody else (tell me who)
And I was used

Repeat chorus

Verse 2:
You should have thought twice (thought twice)
Giving up, on the potential love
Of your life
The way you treated me,
It wasn't right, (no, no, no)
I don't deserve, to be kept in the dark
Why you hurting my heart? (Tell me why)
Your doing the things you do (Why play me)

Repeat chorus

You thought I was out in the cold
But I caught on to the game
Numbers in your purse, numbers in your jeans
Girl you like sprint, always on rome,
Leaving me all alone

You thought I didn't know
But now I know, I got info
Said the jokes on me
The jokes on you
Now your screwed
Who's being played, not me, it's you

Repeat chorus

Don't play me
'Cause the jokes on you

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