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Aaliyah – Rok De Boat lyrics

Humm, yeah, Umm, hum hum, Uooh yeah

Boy you know you make me float
Boy you're really gettin' me high
I feel like I'm on dope
Cause you, you serve me on a wrecking ball
Boy you gotta stroke
Before drifting me deeper
Your there now hold me close(close)
Boy Let's take this over board now

I want you to
Rock the boat, rock the boat,
Rock the boat, rock the boat
Work the middle, work the middle,
Work the middle, work the middle
Change positions, do positions,
Do position, do position
Stroke it for me, stroke it for me,
Stroke it for me, stroke it for me

Ooh baby I love your stroke
Cause you, cause you get me to where I'm going
In jury you'll get my vote
Cause I believe, I believe you know just what you doing now
Plan our weekend coast,
Let's do it in a hurry
That's too slow,
Go ahead and put that thing in over drive

[Chorus:] x2

Stroke it for me
Mmm Stroke it baby, stroke it baby
Mmmm Work it baby, work it baby
Stroke it
There is something I want you to do

I need you to use yourself
Like you never ever used it before
To explore my body
Until you reach the shore
You'll be calling, calling for more

[Chorus:] x3

(Rock the boat)
Rock the boat, rock the boat,
Rock the boat, rock the boat

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