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Aaliyah – Back And Forth lyrics

Let me see you go back
Let me see you go forth

It's Friday
And I'm ready to swing pick up my girls
And hit the party scene
Tonight oh oh it's alright umm
So get up and let this funky mellow groove get
You in the mood cause you
Know it's alright
(back round - so Mr. Dj keep the music grooving
Don't stop moving
Let me see you, let me see you go

Back, back forth and forth [x4]
(see you go back and forth)

Now it's time for you
To make your move to the dance floor
So throw your hands in the air
And wave them around like you just don't care
Ya oh it's the liyah
Living up to the stage I got jazz personality,
G mentality peace to soul train
So if the dj keep on moving
Don't stop moving know let me hear you go
Back and forth

[Chores x4:]
Come on and let me hear you go

[are. Kelly:]
Hey here's the forth mellowed get upon the floor you see show your
Personality be who you wanna be now tell me

See can you feel the groove hey I want to get this party going all night

So mr. Dj keep the music grooving don't stop moving)
Now let me hear you go

[Chorus till fade]

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  • Terri-leigh
    I love this song! Rest in peace aaliyah! We all miss ya and hope your having A ball in heaven. So sorry you arent her with us today, but I'm happy that the life you did have was A good one. Such A talented girl you are
    it makes me cry at the fact that all your talent, is now gone. We all love you and, I guess. Bii X
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