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Aaliyah – Journey To The Past lyrics

Heart don't fail me now
Courage don't desert me
Don't turn back now that were here
People always say
Life is full of choices
No one ever mentions fear

Or how the world can seem so long
Or how the world can seem so vast
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
On this journey to the past

Somewhere down this road
I know someone's waiting
Years of dreams just can't be wrong
Arms will open wide
I'll be safe and wanted
Finally home where I belong

Well starting here my life begins
Starting now I'm learning fast
Courage see me through heart
I'm trusting you
On this journey to the past

Heart don't fail me now (oh no)
Courage don't desert me (desert me)

Home, love, family
There was once a time
I must have had them too
Home, love, family
I will never be complete until I found you yeahh

One step at a time
One hope then another
Who knows where this road may go
Back to who I was
On to find my future
Things my heart still needs to know

Yes let this be a sign
Let this road be mine
Let it lead me to my past
Courage see me through
Heart I'm trusting you
To bring me home at last

Yeeaahh oohhh (courage see me through heart I'm trusting you)
Hey yeah hey yeeahh (hey yeah heyy yeah)
Hey yeah (courage see me through)

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  • m
    I love this song. I love aaliyah. Unfortunately she's 6feet under. Too bad isn't it?
    This means a lot to me because first, it's the theme song of one of my fave disney movies. I really love this song. And aside from that. This is our graduation song as well. It's pretty cool.
    I miss aaliyah so much. I think if she didn't die, she will really make it huge in the music industry. She's one of the best rn'b artists this world has ever had.
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  • u
    First line of first bridge is "or how the road can seem so long"
    it isn't exactly based on a true story. True, there was a girl that believed she might have been anastasia romanov, but even she wasn't certain. I saw a documentary years ago where they used photographs to identify the skulls and one of them matched anastasia, it was one of her younger sisters that was missing (i don't recall who).
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