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A Smile From The Trenches – Swing With An Axe lyrics

[Verse:]: It is the darkest night,
The taste of death lingers on their tongues. The sounds of bodies,
Dragging through the woods and there only goes the taste of blood... This is (the dawn of the dead!)

[Chorus:]: Living in a world different from ours. Looking down towards these many emotional scars. They'll get what they want and it'll just take time. They'll get stronger when dawn turns into night.

[Verse 2:]: They live together less than strong. We'll stay in this house until they are gone. Or we can go out, battle the best of the dead don't pray for their heart... Just(pray for their death!)


They'll get what they want and it will just take time. They'll get stronger when dawn turns into night.

[Breakdown]: Don't let them give you a poisonous kiss, you need to? Not with your fist. They are stronger than they look and they're already dead. Hope it's a nightmare and your still at home in your bed.


[Random Talking(I tried my best)]:

(How many times have they got their hands on top of our controls and the only option, the only love the bible has give is not? Crush your head? It'll be over at the dawn of the dead so before you go out tonight and kiss your families good bye to keep them safe, don't tell them lies about why your girl will be out all night. She's dead and everyone who? Head to head. This is the dawn of the dead)


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