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717 Mafia – Legalize lyrics

Uhuh.... Damn, I'm so swole.. Ran outta all that green. I suppose.. I'ma hit him up at five, he'll be around the area.. Fuck a drought man

Uh, so it's time to roll up, on a mighty fine day, take a few shots of that spade, 'Wine providing all the haze, eyes be looking so glazed, you bet your boy was feeling righteous, flying over to yo' country, lit this doobie just to write this

Light one up, light one up, 'til they Legalize, spark another, blow it all til you meet the skies, I've been faded, shorty come and stay with me tonight, light one up, until they pass a bill to legalize x2

I've been writin' I've been lightin', blazing like there's no tomorrow, Platinum cooked us up the track, and mixed this hit, it goes so hard though, called up Cardo for another man, he had to bring the Dutchies when the L hits to my face, damn, it's hard to think of something, calling artists when they bluffing made this something out of nothing grab this ganja by the pound tonight, I'm thinking bout some pumpkins maybe eat some fire McMuffins, never going wrong with purple get a side of some McNuggets high, riding in a circle y'all be sounding like some gerbils inquiring on finding y'all some class, I'mma need another half, plus some ice up in this glass, we be burning while we pass, man we gotta hit the gas, until the day they Legalize, I'm gonna smoke up while it last (while it last)

[Chorus x2]

Man I be blazing in a Nebula, dragging til I'm tripping, I be living, superstitious, shit defining quantum physics, light a cigarette while I hit this you can't find it on this continent, common sense directs me to the finest in the farmers nest, I'll just crack a Lager next, drop it it's a slaughterfest you taking all these shots you haven't gotten any hotter yet, pop the bag open and we break it til it crumble, then we take it to the lungs, puffin smoke, we seeing double

So I, roll it up, light up in me car, puff puff away til me sitting on a star, the plant is of the earth me gwan light it from a far til dem Legalize, me got weed to spark yo

[Chorus x2]

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