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50 Pence – 50 Pence - I See Biddies lyrics

Yeah... I better stop this, hahaha

I see biddies
Here there and everywhere
Brown skirts, grey hair, trouble when they walk yeah
It's a friday say the streets
Full of old dears on day release

You're not able to walk fast,
But you talk fast,
Body shaped like a beer glass
At the road crossing so slow, when the lights go not even off the kerb zone

You smile first,
I smile back,
Nice old lady in her best hat
I know you can't see me,
Cause you left your glasses on top of the T. V

Then you reach out and touch my face,
And say 'do I wanna come back to your place'?
I would but the only problem as far as I see
Is that I'm 18 and you're 73

Oh! (oh)
You know I see ya love! (love)
But I'm not old enough! (nough)
To be giving you babies
Oh! (oh)
You know I see ya love! (love)
But I'm not old enough! (nough)
To be giving you babies

I see biddies, when I'm cruising in my vauxhaull nova
When I'm cruising I got pulled over, knit my jumper
I know she's old but it's rude to dump her
Comin' down shops for some benson
Down the post office for ya pension
Into Littlewoods for a cup of tea and a bit of tut-tut-ing at the lingerie
Whsmith's lick ya lips like 'mmm'
At the doctor replacing hips like 'hmmm'
In Woolworths shake it all around the floor, till you forget what you came in for
You got your own home and you always eat out
But that doesn't mean that I don't get freaked out
See I don't have a problem with you calling me Keith
But I do have a problem with you having no teeth!


If you smell of cabbages like oh
Raise your zimmer frame like oh! (zim-zimmmmer!)
Old dears of Watford like oh!
Pinch my arse I get scared like oh!
If you're getting shorter stand up taller like oh!
I'm giving up I'm keeping up ya figure like oh!
Fiddlin' with ya pension figure like oh!
And you've been going since 1930 (thirty)

Chorus x 2

I see nothing but biddies, wanting my babies
I'm living the biddies dream
You know what I mean!
It's not right!
It's not love
Woo... It's not good.
Old dears of watford like oh!
Pinch my arse I get scared like ohhhh!

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