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41st Side – Crazy 8's lyrics
(feat. Blitz, Faul Monday, Germ, Lake Luciano, Littles)

[Lake Luciano & (Littles): Talking]

Yo Littles man
(Yo what's the deal nigga?)
I'm tired of these mother fucking niggas man!
(Hey yo what's the deal with these little mother
Fucking monkey's man?)
Yeah son I just want to give me 8 bars man that's how
We gonna do it
(8 bars?)
Yeah all of us gonna spit 8 I'll get the hook son
(Yo let me tell these mother fuckers something)
You know what I'm saying they can't touch it
(I cross my heart and hope the streets will listen)
(41st Side mother fucker)
Give me an 8 Littles give me 8 nigga

[Littles: Verse]
Yo, yo, yo, hey yo
See I was raised around snitches and thieves hammers and V's
Couldn't trust friends much fuck dodging the D's
I had a M-1 c*** quick block on knees
Who the youngest thug that ever lived blocks I quoting
I'm a legend and these city streets, give me props
'Cause when I'm A-K speak niggas call the cops
41st Side man, what block you rep?
15 I was holding down I hold projects

(Wiz of "The Braveharts" Verse)
See when my niggas catch bodies I fucks up the crime scene
G-W-I-Z don't see police
I pocket shells guns move your bodies trajectory
From where the bullet entered then fucked up the police
Investigation that'll be the only retaliation
Scoop Teflon's blue and red lights reflection
Fuck it, still pick up the weapon and keep stepping
Get bag, come home in time to ditch the weapon

[Prodigy & (Lake): Hook]
Yo listen thun the hood love us
(Not 'cause we rhyme for it)
We ride for it, we do time for it
(Our mans die for it all our moms cry for it)
No other hood in the world could put a stop on it
The hood love us
(Not 'cause we rhyme for it)
We ride for it, we do time for it
(Our mans die for it all our moms cry for it)
Yo Blitz and "Jung" spit your life on it

[Blitz's Verse]
Red light, green light it's that nigga Blitz
With that infared beam like see a nigga spit
See me on the street, see these cowards bolt when I aim
Now see this nigga leak, faggot should of noticed my pain
All these cardboard killers I'll box y'all, multiple shots y'all
Death breathing out of them glocks yall
Fear no streets, fear no beef
Leave niggas in loving memory and feel no grief

[Jungle's Verse]
Yo It's Jungle from the braveharts for all y'all dummies
I'm a be the first black face on money
Beleive it I bust guns by any means
I got a oozie, a calico, a M-16 with a red beam
Hit you all up in your head
Then stomp your body out good after you dead
Mother fucker I'll cut your blue coogie off
You can catch me on the 40th side of Vernon qb north

[Prodigy & (Lake): Hook]
Yo listen thun the hood love us
(Not 'cause we rhyme for it)
We ride for it, we do time for it
(Our mans die for it all our moms cry for it)
No other hood in the world could put a stop on it
Thun the hood love us
(Not 'cause we rhyme for it)
We ride for it, we do time for it
(Our mans die for it all our moms cry for it)
Faul Monday & Germ put your stripes on it

[Germ's Verse]
Yo, Yo
Some niggas different niggas gotta make the right moves
Niggas choose to run around and wanna wave they tools
'Til somebody lay you flat and give you permanent shoes
Ashy gray cement like the color of tombs
And y'all boys aint menace still trying to get made
Don't make me spread you around like??? With aids
And I, laying slugs in you just like fades
It's like a one and a half going 'gainst your brain

[Faul Monday verse]
Hey yo, fuck y'all
Anything moving it's a rentals Dog
Faul Monday loading up then heat it up like leather scarfs
Get your lady clapped in her mouth, tell her to shut up
It's Queensbridge thugging you out give me your dub ups
Go 'head reach for it
The reverend don't preach for it
When Jesus never plays goalie with bullets you'll leak for it
So get your head pealed over the passenger side
Who you fucking with dies
Throw in Lakey stickers then ride

[Prodigy's Outro]
Yeah that's right dedicated to all you bitch ass niggas (uh-huh)
Staright like that we after all y'all niggas, man (all of you)
You know who the fuck you is
No what I'm saying you know what time it is man (get no love)
Fuck all yall niggas (no love)
We don't give a fuck about none of y'all niggas
Man you know what I'm saying 'cause we straight
Gangstas know what I'm saying
And, it goes down nigga know what I'm saying
I don't know what the fuck y'all niggas gonna do
But it goes down (niggas don't get no love from the hood)
You know what I'm sayin
And, and yo, It's straight war nigga and that's coming from Littles
You know what I'm saying that's coming from my nigga Wiz (who else?)
That's coming from Blitz (uh-huh)
You know what I'm saying, my nigga Jungle (uh)
Faul Monday, Germ (uh-huh) that's coming from all the...
Yo son (everybody, everybody)
Yo my nigga Lake you know what I'm saying (you know, you know, you know)
Yo man Cormega, that's coming from me P (uh-huh)
You know what I'm saying hav the Mobb
Everybody man, you know what I'm saying
We coming after you niggas man
(Oh it's over then, it's over) fuck all y'all niggas
(It's over then It's over)
It's not a game man, (uh-huh)
We taking this shit over man
You know what I'm saying (uh-huh)
Straight like that son
Yeah that's real, that's real (It's on nigga)
You know what I'm saying and (Bring it)
Don't say Bars and don't say Hooks
Straight like that man all y'all niggas man yo...
It's so real
2002 shit nigga and beyond nigga we outta here man,
Bitch ass niggas
No love from the hood!

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