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415 – Call It What You Want 2 lyrics

[ D-Loc ]
Once again D-Loc is in the mix and
I'm droppin dope like a muthafuckin kingpin
Try to step and yep, you get taxed
Cause the 5ft. 7 big mack is back
Bitches just scream when I'm doin my thing
Niggas fear for their life when I grab a mic
Cause yo, I don't perpetrate, I drop knowledge
Straight from the school of hard knocks, got it?
D-Loc is from the muthafuckin streets
Home of the homicide - Oakland, Cali
A city that's ran by the coke nuts
So from the heart we'd like to say: fuck a drug bust
You ask why and my reply
Is niggas from the streets either do or die
Just a little somethin that I'm givin to you
I didn't even name it, so look, call it what you want to
[ Richie Rich ]
Mackin the mic once again is the Dubble
The 24 track is mines, you're in trouble
'90 - damn, another decade
Well, I guess it's my turn to get paid
Servin it well, muthafucka, I ain't trippin
The kid from the hill once again does lippin
Dubble-are, the man from the Oaktown
Once again to the mic with a hoedown
Cali, bitch, I'm straight doin it
Muthafuckas wanna play close and try to ruin it
But naw, I ain't really with that
I ain't no joke, so don't provoke me to serve it
With an attitude straight supreme
I gives a fuck, 415 is a scheme
And I did that, in other words created it
Pumped it, and the suckers, they hated it
But the macks and the gangsters loved it
That's why I pushed and damn sho' shoved it
Fuckin with the 415 and we'll haunt you
So call it what you want to
[ D-Loc ]
Call it what you want, and if you don't you better drop
D-Loc and Richie Rich is finna pop
Straight to the t-o-p, it's the L-o-c
And Dubble

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