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1Tym – Good Love lyrics

Yeah ha! ha! straight from the YG baby 1tym! yo! yo! you know how we do, 1tym break 'em off with that!
Oh baby na eo ddeok hae ya hae geu dae sa rang ha neun mam
Cheong mal nan mot cham ket seo oh baby
Mi chil keot kad ah geu dae eui noon pit man po myeon
Cheong mal nan kyeo dil soo eop seo
Ha roo chong il geu dae saeng kak man hae
Deo ee sang eun peo dil soo eop seul keot kad eun deh
Good good good love so wonderful, so beautiful my love
Good good good love (hey you got the love)
My people fromt the front to the back where you at?
Ee che si chak han ta oo ri eui 1tym attack ta gad ee (uh uh uh)
Plus two, it's a good love. keepin me high day and night with every thought of you!
Oh honey hon cha doo chi ma geu nyang ee dae ro doo myeon
Na eo ddeoh keh doel chi mol ra oh darling
Eo ddeon mal ro do nae ga ga chin nae sarang eul pyo hyeon hal soo ga eop chan ah
Deun ko sip eo geu dae eui han ma di
Neo yeong weon hi sarang hae geu reoh keh pool reo chweo
*chorus x2
Let's pick it up with the 1 t-y-m comin from the YG (yeah, you know me)
Neo wa nae ga ha na ga doe eo na noo neun keo ya say good love! (good love! )
Teul ri chi wan ni sarang eui sok sak I'm
Neo reul hyang han ee seol reh I'm eul
Kkeo chi chi an neun nae sarang gwa kad eun
Ha neun pyeol eun neo eui geot
Oh my love
*chorus x2

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